Puros Cuentos/Collective Biography
Isabel & Laura

Puros Cuentos is a book made up of seven tales inspired by true stories of La Corona tobacco workers. We worked in collaboration with a young writer, Ignacio Reyes, who helped us create the stories. The book was then given to la lectora (the reader) to present aloud to the workers at the factory.

By making this book we created symbolic material that preserved the history and collective imagery of a micro-society. Puros Cuentos is a book that skews the epic and heroic in favor of individual stories to create an alternative, rather than the official narrative.

Group exhibition, El Arte de la Escucha, VI Salon of Contemporary Art, 2017/ Pequeño Problema , Artista x Artista, 2018/ Group Exhibition Subtelty: A User’s Manual 2020